Fence Rental in Sunnyvale

Temporary construction fenceAnyone who has evertried to buy and install a permanent fence for a construction site or a special event would regret that they did not know about temporary fence rental in Sunnyvale before. ASAP Temporary Fence is a reputable company that offers a comprehensive service for selecting, installing and removing temporary fences. The clients receive numerous benefits by simply buying a ready to use solution. A professional team offers a full range of services, associated with temporary fencing choice and installation. Starting from the choice of the most appropriate size and design of a chain fence, and then installing and even removing it after it is used, the professional crews assist clients in solving any questions that may arise.

Major uses of temporary fencing

Temporary fences are effective for restricting public access to certain sites and ensuring high level of safety. Thus, construction sites are areas associated with increased risks. The materials, machinery and construction procedures are hazardous for general public. At the same time, building a permanent barrier is costly and senseless. That’s why construction fence rental in Sunnyvale is a popular service, used by the majority of construction firms.
Special event fence rental is another widely used subcategory of the solutions offered by ASAP Temporary Fence, the company with over 5 years of experience in this industry. Gatherings of people can be potentially hazardous, and additional crowd control and safety measures are needed. In that regard, temporary fencing is an effective solution ensuring protection and directing the audience, or not allowing them to access certain sites.
Finally, emergency fence rental can be the application for temporary fencing. Whereas individuals usually panic finding themselves in extreme situations, professional crews are well-trained and can help install a temporary fence even under pressure in a quick and professional manner.

Guarantees offered by ASAP Temporary Fence

• 24/7 service;
• the next day delivery;
• quality materials;
• friendly customer service;
• professional installation and removal of fencing.