Temporary Construction Fence

Temporary construction fence

Construction projects and sites are dangerous places. They contain heavy machinery, hazardous materials and plenty of sharp stuff. A sudden unpleasant incident can not only put your construction project on hold’ but can also ruin your reputation. Hence, Renting temporary Construction fencing is a safe, easy and low-cost way to avoid such circumstances as well as your equipment’s from the risk of damage. ASAP Temporary Fence, a trusted name in the industry of temporary fence rental ‘We offers inclusive range of construction fencing services at reliable prices. Our Services covers San Jose and the surrounding area.
Our temporary fences are both in-ground fences as well as the pounded. Our fence panel covers multi-utility ‘you can use them for different uses: both industrial and commercial construction. Our fence Panels are available in unique shape, size and structure. It’s our commitment to amaze you with our services!


• Fast Response To The Site
• Concerned With Your Safety
• Installation Of Dust Screens
• Well Trained Professionals
• Cheap And Reasonable Prices
• Give Advice To Clients
• Quality Services
• Stable Fences
• Do Both Installations And Removal Of Fence
• Flexible Working Hours
• Different Sizes And Heights Fence
• Guaranteed Next Day Delivery


Installing fence Panels is not an easy and safe task’ It needs to be done by a professional. Our team of fence installation experts works with proficiency and diligence to make sure that fixing fences around is a completely hassle-free experience for everyone around.
Delays and incompetence is avoided by working closely with our customers. We work closely with you during installation and removal of temporary fencing’ to ensure that you receive the best services you need.
Whatever your event or construction site challenge — ASAP Temporary Fence Rentals is the solution.